Technology Services

Implementation Services

Nvelup’s implementation approach is straight forward, effective, and helps to manage change during the project.

  • Our People – We are experts in the software with degrees in Finance, Accounting, Economics or Computer Science relevant related fields
  • Our Process – We follow best practices for implementing software technology and will teach you the software throughout the project
  • Our Methodology – We implement software using a project management methodology based on ‘Agile’ guiding principles to help manage change during the project

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Production Support

Nvelup provides reduced-cost, high value, on-site or remote production support services to help teams manage Hyperion or BI environments such as during busy times or when organizational changes occur.

Our production support model includes the following support services

  • System troubleshooting support to help answer end user questions
  • End User administration for adding, removing, or making changes to end users who access your system

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Nvelup Help Desk

Nvelup Help Desk provides remote, comprehensive and cost effective ticket-based support services for your existing Performance Management or Business Intelligence solution. Our Help Desk solution gives you peace of mind that experts are standing by to assist your team in solving system issues that arise from normal or expanding business activities.

Plan features include:

  • Service Request submissions for issues and outages
  • Enhancements made to existing systems
  • Free estimations for new applications and solutions

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System Upgrades

Choose Nvelup to help you upgrade to the latest system version and take advantage of the latest features, functionality and enhancements made by your software provider. Nvelup Consulting provides the best expertise and most efficient methodology to perform upgrades in a way that reduces system down time and minimizes the impact to your internal organization.

Our upgrade process follows best practices for upgrading your system solution and includes the following:

  • A primary central point of contact to manage the upgrade process
  • A technical assessment to ensure your existing hardware meets the latest version requirements

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System Health Checks

System health checks are a great way to make sure your business strategy solution is performing well and is still relevant to your existing business processes. Nvelup Consulting’s certified consultants are among the best for providing a comprehensive analysis of your technical and business performance management or business intelligence solution. Along with our credentials, we provide you with a health check report assessment of the performance, stability, and availability of your systems. We assist in mapping your system architecture to your current business model and provide recommendations on how you can maximize the features and functionality of your investment.

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