About Nvelup Consulting

Who we are

We are a technology driven consulting firm with expertise rooted in building Performance Management (budgeting, planning, and forecasting) and Business Intelligence (data analysis and reporting) solutions that empower businesses by providing accurate, measurable, and actionable data.

Across the workforce, we have an average of twelve years of hands-on experience building comprehensive solutions tailored to the complexities of our customers’ businesses and respective industries. Our Agile methodology allows us to provide project implementations that will adapt to constantly changing business environments.

Beyond the business side, we encourage and maintain deep connections to our communities and our environment.

Life at Nvelup

At Nvelup, our Core Values define who we are as people and as an organization. They drive our behaviors in the workplace and on a client site. We earn the right to enjoy the fruits of our labors because of these core values. Join Nvelup to be a part of a growing virtual organization that provides a great work environment based on teamwork, mentoring, innovation, and learning and delivers services and solutions that solve complex business problems.


Always do your best – No matter what the day brings, we must always dedicate our time and talents to giving our best.
Learn or fade away – We must continue to learn, innovate, improvise, and adapt, or we lose relevance.
Lead by example – Ask others to do only what you have done yourself or are willing to do with them.

Partner with us

Our partners are some of the best in their respective industries, and they work hard to develop planning, reporting, and analysis software that empowers companies to deploy and report on their business strategies. Partner expertise allows our consultants to provide comprehensive services and solutions driven by great technology that help companies make better decisions. Learn more about our existing partners and how you can become an Nvelup partner.

Our partners include: