Enterprise PBCS

Oracle released Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS), a planning and budgeting solution with powerful reporting capabilities for enterprise level customers. EPBCS is the most recent cloud-based release of their Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform for customers whose road maps include transitioning to the cloud in order to eliminate hardware and software requirements and reduce their overall cost of owning software. Enterprise companies are aggressively adopting cloud solutions as a means to retain their competitive advantage and increase profitability.

Enterprise PBCS Nvelup Consulting

Some of the great features and functionality of EPBCS include:

  • Out-of-the-box planning & budgeting functionality that may be used right away or tailored to meet your specific requirements
  • A scalable and upgradeable platform aligned with MS Office releases to ensure you have the latest and greatest upgrades, patches & fixes
  • Integrated predictive analytics capabilities allowing analysts to create comprehensive forecasts based on actual data
  • Web Services data integration components to assist companies who have existing requirements to integrate on premise systems
  • A zero footprint for IT based hardware and software infrastructure installation and configuration

Oracle continues to build out academy training and tutorials with their cloud solutions as a means to provide training, guidance, and best practices for deploying solutions and reduce the overall implementation and configuration costs associated with customization. Additionally, EPBCS comes with pre-built applications and functionality for customers who want to get ahead of their planning & budgeting cycles.

Enterprise PBCS Nvelup Consulting

EPBCS comes with the following pre-built applications:

  • Financials Planning – A financial statement planning application for the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Workforce Planning – A headcount and compensation planning application to for future spending by employee or job code
  • Capital Asset Planning – A great process for budgeting for the future impact of existing and future capital asset purchases
  • Project Planning – Designed for companies whose industries are project driven and require a level of budgeting and planning in order to evaluate and report on project profitability

EPBCS is a highly scalable and cost effective solution that helps to make you more efficient and effective during the planning & budgeting cycle.

Enterprise PBCS Nvelup Consulting

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