Dodeca Excel Add-In by Applied OLAP

The Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase is an update of the classic Essbase add-in, instead of using SmartView.  Familiar, yet updated and refined.

remove-confusion-iconRemove Confusion

Organizations who uses MS Excel regularly for financial analysis and reporting benefit from having a solution that centralizes spreadsheets and has built-in end user security and management features.

manage-spreadsheets-iconManage Spreadsheets

Managing spreadsheets on a network drive or local machine can be daunting for any budgeting process.  The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System helps organizations maintain each spreadsheet used for reporting and analysis.

control-interaction-iconControl Interaction

The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System builds, manages, and controls corporate spreadsheets.  Dodeca builds Excel reports by dynamically combining Excel templates with corporate data sources..

The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System and Excel Add-in allows organizations to…

  • Build Spreadsheets from Corporate Data
  • Manage Spreadsheets Centrally
  • Control Spreadsheet User Interaction
  • Build Interactive Reports
  • Write-back to both Essbase & SQL