Planning and Forecasting

Planning and Forecasting

Emerging and high growth companies need to manage uncertainty in their market by planning and forecasting accurately, identifying areas to reduce costs, and have the ability to manage cash flow to be sustainable while implementing an aggressive high growth business strategy.  At Nvelup, we understand that having a solid business strategy plan includes a great business strategy solution that encompasses each area of your company and brings you the latest technology to help streamline your planning and forecasting process.


We believe a great business strategy solution should help you to manage the entire planning and forecasting process.


Below are some of the high level benefits of implementing a great planning and forecasting solution.


Significantly reduce or eliminate manual and error prone system update processes and reduce the turnaround time of budget iterations.

Benefits of your solution include:

  • Greatly reduce or eliminate manual or error prone system update proces
  • Reduce the turnaround time of budget iterations
  • Align your business strategy goals across the organization
  • Incorporate a top down or bottom up approach in your budgeting process
  • Increase the accuracy of your data


  • Allow for more time to analyze data and market impacts
  • Improve your reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Build driver-based modeling for Revenue
  • Customize the solution to meet the needs of your organization