Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Companies are using Business Intelligence (BI) tools to improve decision making, reduce costs, and identify new business opportunities. With many of today’s BI tools, business users can develop and implement their own solution versus waiting for Information Technology or Decision System Support teams to build and run more complex solutions that can take months to build. Nvelup implements solid BI solutions that focus on data integrity without the need for heavy IT or Decision System Support involvement.

remove-guesswork-iconRemove Guesswork

Companies benefit from a great Business Intelligent solution. Make it easy for users to get access to data in a timely manner. Provide the tools necessary to manage data access, quality and compliance.

increase-opportunities-iconIncrease Opportunities

Take advantage of Nvelup’s experience and agile approach to implementing and maintaining Business Intelligence solutions that are cost effective and provide meaningful insights into your business activities.

gain-insight-iconGain Insight

Organizations today gain valuable insight by having a comprehensive BI solution that gives management accurate data to measure company performance and explain how and why things are happening.

More benefits and features of a good BI solution include…

  • Creating ‘In depth’ analysis of company and market trends
  • Eliminating the need to guesstimate your company’s direction
  • Developing new metrics and benchmarks for your company
  • Identifying new sales and product launch opportunities
  • Delivering more actionable information to analysts and end users