Technology Driven Solutions

We Connect People

and Technology

Our mission is to connect people with the right technology solution which creates the ability to make meaningful and strategic decisions about how their company operates in their industry.

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Technology Driven Solutions

We Connect People with Technology

The Approach We Take

At Nvelup, our first mission is to learn and discover about your business and industry. Our objective is to walk along side you in determining your organizations best solution. We love what we do because we are passionate about solving complex problems and enjoy pursuing competitive and strategic advantages in the marketplace for our clients.

When it comes to developing solutions and solid relationships, we combine our core values with the following approach:

  • We partner with you to conduct a discovery session and develop a questionnaire that is designed to engage all areas of the business
  • Nvelup provides a comprehensive and highly detailed proposal and investment summary
  • Our agreement with you is a culmination of what we’ve learned together. There are no surprises
  • We assist you in developing a shared vision for your solution across the business and at required levels
  • Nvelup has developed an Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM) that helps to manage change throughout your project
  • Our system architects and consultants are experts in their area expertise and understand the business side as well
  • We provide for ongoing support through a highly flexible and cost effective Managed Services model

The People We Choose

Experience Matters

Across the workforce, we have an average of twelve years of hands-on experience building comprehensive solutions tailored to the complexities of our customers’ businesses and respective industries. Our Agile methodology allows us to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.

We are professionals who are motivated in helping our clients solve their most complex business problems.

  • Nvelup consultants have years of system integration experience
  • Our consultants are certified in their area of expertise
  • Nvelup consultants have degrees in Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting or Information Technology

On the Business side

We support teams by helping them understand every aspect of their new solution using our change management process.

Beyond the Business side

We serve our clients and create deep connections and long term trusted relationships within our communities.

The Methodology We Use

Nvelup AIM Methodology

To meet the needs of our clients and deliver high-quality solutions in a highly efficient manner, AIM for Results!

Our collective experience has shown that the traditional, one-size-fits-all project management methodologies cannot meet the needs of today’s demanding Performance Management and Business Intelligecne projects. These complex projects require a more flexible, dynamic, and collaborative approach to deliver robust solutions on time and on budget.

Nvelup has developed the Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM) and expanded upon a cutting-edge project management methodology based on Agile guiding principles.

The AIM Methodology…

  • Virtually elminates ‘scope creep’ that happens often with system integration projects
  • Helps to manage change throughout the engagement
  • Helps to ensure that small problems don’t become big problems during the project
  • Improves system adoption and helps with change management

The Industries We Serve

Nvelup has expertise in developing solutions in the following industries:

DistributionOil & GasEngineering
SoftwareGamingConsumer Products
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