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Financial Reporting Studio on the Web

The latest update to Oracle’s Planning and Budget Cloud Service (PBCS) introduces the all new Financial Reporting Web Studio. The Cloud-based Financial reporting studio is a web alternative to the desktop install of Financial Reporting Studio. Oracle has confirmed the latest release has most of the functionality of the desktop version of Financial Reporting studio (FRS).

Let’s take a look and see what Financial Reporting Web Studio Looks like. You may access the studio by selecting Tools -> ‘Launch Reporting Web Studio…’ from the PBCS menu.

Financial Reporting Studio on the Web Nvelup Consulting

The web studio interface is a great departure from the aged UI of the desktop version. That being said, it is still very important to save your work early and often.

Financial Reporting Studio on the Web Nvelup Consulting

Here are some of the highlights of the web version of Financial Reporting Studio.

  • There is no longer a need to re-install Financial Reporting Studio when Oracle releases an update to the Financial Reporting Server.
  • Since the web version of FRS is on the Oracle Hyperion Workspace, Single Sign On (SSO) to build reports is much easier with less clicks to deploy the reporting studio. A good thing.
  • Performance is better and the application is more responsive as compared to the desktop version. However, you company’s network speed will be a factor.

While the web version of FRS is a great option for building reports, there are some limitations to functionality.

  • The ‘Annotation’ search feature of FRS does not work.
  • In some cases, you will receive the ‘ReportStoreObject is null’ error when clicking ‘OK’ after viewing or updating the Grid Point of View Setup in Financial Reporting Web Studio. To avoid this error, you will need to open a view and update the Grid Point of View Setup in Financial Reporting Studio desktop client.

Give it a try and let me know what you think of Oracle’s Financial Reporting Web Studio. For the next blog , I will do a step-by-step share on how to create a report using the new tool.

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